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Friday, April 30, 2004


Today I will talk a little about the new age epidemic, outsourcing; and I will be summing up my work background. I guess I am writing this weblog to motivate myself. I am thinking of writing an article about the importance of a clear mind / game plan before entering your program, be it Harvard or Howard. I am going through a yearly audit at work, and the auditors are turning each leaf trying to find something. Thank goodness, it will be over by the end of the week. Maybe on Saturday I’ll throw something together for the MBA Advice Blog. For now some thoughts on my Past Present Future:

Original Plan: I switched into accounting because all the offers I was getting after losing my position as a Migration consultant, were of a junior programmer status. The plan was to get some accounting / Finance exposure, get an MBA, and get back into IT consulting as a project manager (WOW FOOL PROOF HUH!). I was planning on working at either IBM or Accenture (what’s going to happen after the Atlanta project finishes?) for a couple of years, and then starting my own firm. Well last couple of months have been a shocker. Although the market has picked up dramatically and there were some 308,000 jobs added to the economy in April ’04, I am very cautious about going back towards IT.
Outsourcing is bound to happen; America has a surplus in the service area (Export > Import) and if we say that we do not want our work going to India or china, tomorrow Italy or Spain will stop buying services from us.
I still believe there are some jobs that cannot be outsourced at any cost, which company will want their security being run out of India? Security, support, and management positions are always going to stay in America. But will getting back into the IT world be throwing myself into cut through competition, where the risks (getting laid off) is far greater than the rewards (compensation). I could get into security management, but my resume will be compared to a Unix guru with 10 years of experience who is going from 250K to a 100K. In such a situation what are my realistic chances? The chances of a salary increase? The chances of a promotion? Is there a real future for me in this field.

Backup Plan: Although I would hate to admit it, but the situation at hand, does not permit me to rejoin the IT world. I am currently working as an Assistant Controller and am dissatisfied with the job. The good thing that I have gotten out of the last two years is basics about how a business runs. What gets on the balance sheet and why something is put on an income statement. Now I do not greatly enjoy accounting, but I am thinking on the lines of banking, Equity research, I-Banking, M&A or something along those lines. Another option would be getting back in consulting, but going from IT into general. I understand that I am not going to HBS or Wharton and getting into those professions will be hard. Now what are the realistic chances of this happening?
I have given myself a deadline of deciding by mid July. I will start to network, in the chosen field, before actually going to college.


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