The Life and Times of a Simon MBA Student

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Is the MBA responsible???

The ceremony went according to plan, all the people that were expected showed up, the atmosphere was nice and light, and the food was amazing. I am officially engaged now (sorry ladies).
While driving to work today, I started thinking about blogger. I have started exploring other blogger sites for raw honest opinions. Since most of the time, people do not reveal their names or have nicks that are anyone’s guess they can honestly talk about their personal area of expertise. Obviously one of the areas I was exploring was “OUTSOURCING”. I found a whole string of blogs (mostly Indian) that were pro outsourcing. Most of them made arguments for free trade etc etc.
One thing that came to my mind is that the American MBA has a lot to do with outsourcing. Correct me if I am wrong but most top schools pride their program attraction of international students. These students come to the states for a better career, life etc etc. Unless you are going to Norte Dame or a highly ethical MBA you will mostly learn how to maximize profits. There you have it the most deadly recipe, people with knowledge of foreign way of life, and a top-notch education.
Being the son of an immigrant, I understand how great it is to have equal opportunity, but does America have the rescores to provide it to the world? Obviously, the answer is NO, at least with us spending these loads of cash on Iraq war. I don’t know the answers all I know is I am steering clear of it …….

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Any Commotions yet?

It is Sunday, I am feeling the pressure for the engagement ceremony next week. I have decided to take care of the music myself. As a former member of the DJ / Promoter scene, I have called in a favor for the equipment and the DJ. I am mixing the tunes myself and telling the DJ to play premixed CDS (Cool Edit) as I don’t want just anything playing out of the turns crate. This mixing thing is consuming a lot of time since I have not done it for a while, and never really tried it on the computer.
Well that is what I have been spending most of my time on, as for school I have confirmed that my financial aid documentation have been cleared and have mailed in the vaccination information. The only main things left on the to-do list are:

1) Engagement Reception Preparation (1 more week)
2) Career Decision (stay same or change?) (School)
3) Fun???

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

And the days go on...

Update: The financial Aid documentation are out of the way, I am sending in my medical records (Vaccination history) in, next week. So the easy stuff is done, now I have to decide my future goals and backup plans. I am set on the research analyst position, as the main concentration. Now I have to decide what my backup plan is going to be.
CFA: After a little research I found out that a friend of mine is actually taking the CFA part 1, on June 4th. I will be borrowing all his study resources after that and maybe have a sit down session with him to see what the CFA is all about. I am figuring that even if I do not end up taking the exam the study material can only help me. Maybe get my mind in study mode again. I did find a rather negative string on BW forum about the CFA and wasting time studying for it. What I found interesting about the string was that all the authors were CFAs themselves. An attempt to keep the all boys club exclusive or actual sound advise? I will post a link as soon as I find the string.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Gmail accounts @ Blogger??

I was thinking that I should sign up for an email address for this Blog at one of the traditional email sites. I read somewhere in the past couple of days that Gmail was offering beta accounts for Blogger users (1 Gig Accounts). Well I just wasted a good 20 minutes trying to find out how in the world do I create a Gmail account. It seems as if you can only get the account by an invite process. Well someone out there with the power to invite, invite me :).
The only thing on my “TO DO LIST” that seems to be going anywhere is the Fun portion. Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo (May 5th), hence with my plans to have a blast before the engagement (May 22nd), how could I have not gone out. The only bad part of the whole thing was getting up this morning.
One last thing, Does anyone actually read this except myself, and “D” if so some feedback would be helpful. Thanks

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Career Objectives

Research Analyst:
I have been pondering the question “What I want to be” and I think I might have the answer. I am concentrating on a career as a research Analyst at an independent investment advisory firm, with an interest in the Tech, broadcast and telecommunications sectors. I am flirting with this option after researching the backgrounds of several successful Analysts in this field. While conducting my research, one thing that I came across was the designation of CFA. I know that CFA is a very hot these days, but never got around to really understanding what the CFA title commands. If you want to read more about the CFA program TRY HERE . I am going to look more into the situation later on and see if this really fits my career goals. Got to get back to work.. ahhhhhhhhhh

Monday, May 03, 2004

Random thoughts

I have been reading a couple of Blogs, and what I just realized is that people with the same credentials as me are going to top 5 schools. How in the world did NYU not accept me? Was I playing it too safe when I applied to B-schools? Well the game plan right now is getting my Stats proficiency level up to par, and making sure that I have FUN this summer, before I move to school. Last week I went out 3 times, I have not done that since the college days. Well that was a 1-time thing; I doubt it will be happening again anytime soon. I just got engaged and the official engagement reception is on the 22nd of May, soo there is a always loads of work to do. I have been preoccupied with the reception, and have not been able to do much of anything.
Enough of my personal life, the deadline to decide my post B-school career is arriving fast, JUNE (exactly what I would be doing after graduation). This is starting to worry me. The checklist for the next couple of days is:
1) Engagement Reception Preparation
2) Financial Aid documentation (School)
3) Vaccinations Documentation (School)
4) Career Decision (stay same or change?) (School)
5) Fun???
Work is extremely slow; The VP started interviewing for a new assistant controller at my job, just saw a bunch of resumes. Hopefully I wont get laid off before July, getting that ring really hit me where it hurts.