The Life and Times of a Simon MBA Student

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

And the days go on...

Update: The financial Aid documentation are out of the way, I am sending in my medical records (Vaccination history) in, next week. So the easy stuff is done, now I have to decide my future goals and backup plans. I am set on the research analyst position, as the main concentration. Now I have to decide what my backup plan is going to be.
CFA: After a little research I found out that a friend of mine is actually taking the CFA part 1, on June 4th. I will be borrowing all his study resources after that and maybe have a sit down session with him to see what the CFA is all about. I am figuring that even if I do not end up taking the exam the study material can only help me. Maybe get my mind in study mode again. I did find a rather negative string on BW forum about the CFA and wasting time studying for it. What I found interesting about the string was that all the authors were CFAs themselves. An attempt to keep the all boys club exclusive or actual sound advise? I will post a link as soon as I find the string.


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