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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Any Commotions yet?

It is Sunday, I am feeling the pressure for the engagement ceremony next week. I have decided to take care of the music myself. As a former member of the DJ / Promoter scene, I have called in a favor for the equipment and the DJ. I am mixing the tunes myself and telling the DJ to play premixed CDS (Cool Edit) as I don’t want just anything playing out of the turns crate. This mixing thing is consuming a lot of time since I have not done it for a while, and never really tried it on the computer.
Well that is what I have been spending most of my time on, as for school I have confirmed that my financial aid documentation have been cleared and have mailed in the vaccination information. The only main things left on the to-do list are:

1) Engagement Reception Preparation (1 more week)
2) Career Decision (stay same or change?) (School)
3) Fun???


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