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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Is the MBA responsible???

The ceremony went according to plan, all the people that were expected showed up, the atmosphere was nice and light, and the food was amazing. I am officially engaged now (sorry ladies).
While driving to work today, I started thinking about blogger. I have started exploring other blogger sites for raw honest opinions. Since most of the time, people do not reveal their names or have nicks that are anyone’s guess they can honestly talk about their personal area of expertise. Obviously one of the areas I was exploring was “OUTSOURCING”. I found a whole string of blogs (mostly Indian) that were pro outsourcing. Most of them made arguments for free trade etc etc.
One thing that came to my mind is that the American MBA has a lot to do with outsourcing. Correct me if I am wrong but most top schools pride their program attraction of international students. These students come to the states for a better career, life etc etc. Unless you are going to Norte Dame or a highly ethical MBA you will mostly learn how to maximize profits. There you have it the most deadly recipe, people with knowledge of foreign way of life, and a top-notch education.
Being the son of an immigrant, I understand how great it is to have equal opportunity, but does America have the rescores to provide it to the world? Obviously, the answer is NO, at least with us spending these loads of cash on Iraq war. I don’t know the answers all I know is I am steering clear of it …….


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