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Monday, May 03, 2004

Random thoughts

I have been reading a couple of Blogs, and what I just realized is that people with the same credentials as me are going to top 5 schools. How in the world did NYU not accept me? Was I playing it too safe when I applied to B-schools? Well the game plan right now is getting my Stats proficiency level up to par, and making sure that I have FUN this summer, before I move to school. Last week I went out 3 times, I have not done that since the college days. Well that was a 1-time thing; I doubt it will be happening again anytime soon. I just got engaged and the official engagement reception is on the 22nd of May, soo there is a always loads of work to do. I have been preoccupied with the reception, and have not been able to do much of anything.
Enough of my personal life, the deadline to decide my post B-school career is arriving fast, JUNE (exactly what I would be doing after graduation). This is starting to worry me. The checklist for the next couple of days is:
1) Engagement Reception Preparation
2) Financial Aid documentation (School)
3) Vaccinations Documentation (School)
4) Career Decision (stay same or change?) (School)
5) Fun???
Work is extremely slow; The VP started interviewing for a new assistant controller at my job, just saw a bunch of resumes. Hopefully I wont get laid off before July, getting that ring really hit me where it hurts.


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