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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

3 months left..

Today work is finally not as hectic as it has been for the last couple of days. I had taken a couple of days off to enjoy myself but they are over. I am back to work and waiting patiently for these 2 – 3 months to go by. I am figuring that I will be going to Rochester in August to look for apartments. I am also debating over taking my old stuff with me, or just buying new things. Obviously moving costs play a big role in this decision. As an engagement present I was offered by an aunt that she will buy me a laptop, and my grandmother offered to pickup ½ of my 1st semester’s TAB. I declined the offer and now she purposed to buy me new furniture for my new apartment. Again I feel that it would be wrong on my part to go all out with the furniture and am figuring on buying the basics.
I sent in my vaccination and financial aid paperwork 2 weeks ago, called and made sure that everything is good. So that is also taken care of. I did gain 8 lbs in the last month or so, so I will be going to the gym more than I anticipated this summer. Everything else looks like its in place. I am actually looking forward to going to a place like Rochester where the general local population is usually nicer than the one we interact with here in the tri-state area.

New Agenda

1) Get the stats and Accounting skills upto par
2) Loose Weight
3) Start on creating a network
4) More research on CFA Careers
5) Fun


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