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Monday, June 14, 2004

Less Success Than Meets the Eye

Monday Morning…. What can I say back to work … the same thing on everyone’s mind .. what are we having for lunch… This weekend was rather eventless. Nothing really went down except I had the chance to go out with friends. This Saturday me and a pair of my college buddies that I still hang out with, went to the old college bars. This time of the year the college students usually go home and the bars are comparatively empty. We decided to go to this indoor outdoor bar/restaurant on Saturday night.
When we were there one thing that we kept talking about is how its soo different now then 3 years ago when we were still in college. I turned 21, 3 years ago and now that time feels like long long ago… I was always the youngest one in my peer group and since I relate to mostly older people, maybe that is the reason I feel older. Well I ran into an old college friend of mine at the bars who is actually pursuing a graduate program in public health. She asked me my motivation behind pursuing an MBA and I started talking about fast tracking / changing careers (well not totally, but somewhat). She pointed towards studies made by someone at Stanford about the diminishing worth of an MBA. I knew that was talking about Jeffrey Pfeffer who wrote (with Christina Fong, who now teaches at the University of Washington) a scholarly paper called "The End of Business Schools? Less Success Than Meets the Eye”. The Article can be found here
I am one who believes in the power of education. My best friend didn’t finish college and went into his family business. If that is what suited him, then that is great. I am different, I like challenging my mind academically. Another point that I thought was really true was that graduate school is also a way to redeem ourselves. All of us were great students in H.S., got into a decently competitive college and than performed worse than we could imagine. Now heading back to college.. its is payback time..


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