The Life and Times of a Simon MBA Student

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Status Update

Lets see nothing really has happened in the last couple of days, I traveled a bit over last weekend with a trip to Washington DC, and will be going up to Boston in the upcoming week. I have noticed that everyone around me has decided to either get married or engaged (obviously following in my steps). I have 2 weddings and 2 engagement receptions coming up before September, not to mention the one I attended last weekend. Not that I am cheap, but these functions (Bachelor party / Travel / Hotel / Gifts / Celebrating afterwards) can get a bit expensive. I had figured on leaving my job in the beginning of August but I guess I will be staying here for 2 more weeks …

On a brighter note, my stat studies are done, and I feel like I am up to date with the Standard Deviations and variance schooling. Now onto Accounting and than a bit of Economics.. WHOPIEEE CAN’T WAIT... :)


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