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Thursday, June 03, 2004


I read on yogi’s and mark’s blogs about the myers-briggs personality assessment. I figured if Harvard is sending these to their accepted students then there must be something to it, hence I ended up taking on of them online . One thing I noticed that the assessment didn’t have much negative about my ENTJ profile. I thought that I could relate to the evaluation, I am good at leading, but am not an inventor. The first line on the profile caught my eyes.

"I don't care to sit by the window on an airplane. If I can't control it, why look?"

So me and AL Gore have the same type of personalities.. INTERSTING … well this was just based on 73 questions. My X asked a billion questions a day and was still not able to figure me out… well if you want to read about my personality according to the Jung Typology test Click here…


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