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Monday, July 19, 2004

Given the AXE

After 2 years of dedicated work and moving up 2 spots within that time period I was given the axe.  Four weeks ago my VP started interviewing people and two weeks ago I was given a notice that I will no longer be employed by company XYZ after July 16th 2004.  Two months ago at this time I was filling in for two heavy traffic positions, and now I have even lost mine.  I was expecting to leave August 22nd and was told that they found the perfect candidate for the position a bit earlier.  So the last week has been spent on training someone with 10 more years of experience, and a salary almost the double of mine (NO JOKE), with procedures and reports that I had designed and launched.
This weekend I spent relaxing and watching my favorite movies:  Scarface, Wall Street and all Godfather 1, 2 & 3.  I will be posting a lot more from now on, so come back soon. 


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