The Life and Times of a Simon MBA Student

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

And they're off....

Pre-Term is over and I it’s the 3rd day of classes, I feel like our school is so behind everyone else. Reading all the other blogs people are already preparing for midterms in the 1st Quarter and were finally getting over our first week. 1 thing that really annoys me about Simon is that the grade is curved around an average of 3.2. This is totally ridiculous, since all the other good grad school curve at 3.5, a recruiter wont know what your grading policy is… Lets say at Simon you have a 3.3 (a bit above average) and someone from another college where the curve is based around 3.5 has a 3.4.. the recruiter isn’t going to know about policies, all they know is 3.3 < 3.4.
As you guys can see were pretty concentrated on finding internships these days. I feel like I will be the only person whose not going to get 1 this year… I will be in NYC over the weekend attending a 2nd year Simon recruiting event, getting some pointers. There is NSHMBA ( conference going on in Texas… I will probably attend that to… My travel expenses are going to high this year but hopefully it will pay off in the long run… Just joined LINKEDIN a couple of days ago.. It is definitely a good networking tool… if you have not joined it yet you should… if you would like email me and I will add you to my network… well let me know what everyone else is doing ..

Thursday, September 09, 2004

2nd day at Simon

I decided to attend career camp, which is a week long review of how to get yourself noticed, in the league of thousands of other MBAs. This has been a tiresome week… right now I am sitting alone in my apartment while my roommate and some of our newly found friends are at a local pub watching the game…
I got to Rochester Tuesday night on the 7th a long tiresome trip (ok not that tiresome 5hrs)… Classes started on the 8th… I am living on an air mattress till tomorrow… no furniture in the room, doesn’t feel like home at all… Well hopefully I will get my bed tomorrow and will get a chance to go furniture shopping over the weekend… but for now I have internet, an air mattress and my laptop ;)…
Back to Simon the people here are extremely nice… (The ones I have met are at least). People from all walks of lives… all ages… I really think this is going to be a step in the right direction… I will keep you posted .. bye for now