The Life and Times of a Simon MBA Student

Thursday, September 09, 2004

2nd day at Simon

I decided to attend career camp, which is a week long review of how to get yourself noticed, in the league of thousands of other MBAs. This has been a tiresome week… right now I am sitting alone in my apartment while my roommate and some of our newly found friends are at a local pub watching the game…
I got to Rochester Tuesday night on the 7th a long tiresome trip (ok not that tiresome 5hrs)… Classes started on the 8th… I am living on an air mattress till tomorrow… no furniture in the room, doesn’t feel like home at all… Well hopefully I will get my bed tomorrow and will get a chance to go furniture shopping over the weekend… but for now I have internet, an air mattress and my laptop ;)…
Back to Simon the people here are extremely nice… (The ones I have met are at least). People from all walks of lives… all ages… I really think this is going to be a step in the right direction… I will keep you posted .. bye for now


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