The Life and Times of a Simon MBA Student

Monday, October 25, 2004

NSHMBA Overview!

I was not aware that there are so many MBA students… This place was a meet market. I did not end up going to my target companies after I burnt 2 of them. I am actually enjoying networking through alumni compared to being a # from anywhere getting 30 seconds of the recruiters time. I did get a offer to be flown to the HQ of a company that was not even on my radar. It’s a fortune 100 company and has a great LDP program. An LDP program is not what I’m looking for but it might be a better lifestyle than working in an I-Bank. I look back and see the reason of me being at B-School is being challenged. Being in Dallas sweating talking to recruiters the weekend before the midterms is definitely a nice challenge. Well I will see I’m going to crank up my internship search in the midterm break Nov 2nd to the 5th…

Monday, October 11, 2004

Businesses Week MBA Rankings!

So the business week MBA rankings are out. I am truly disappointed to hear that Simon fell 2 points in the rankings… Its still Tier 1 but now there are 2 schools considered “better” than Simon.

“Two of the positive notes from the most recent Business Week rankings are the high level of satisfaction our students expressed with the quality of instruction that they receive at Simon (we earned our highest grade, an “A”, in this category) and being rated positively in terms of our intellectual capital (#18…up from #25 in 2002). We can take just pride in this recognition of our faculty’s successful business research and commitment to classroom teaching quality.” (Dean Zupman)

We got clobbered with placement assistance. All I can think is that this might just be a good thing. The Career Management Department is under a lot of heat, which means that they will try much harder for us… My search is going well I will keep you guys updated with what happens… !


Saturday, October 02, 2004


Within the last week or so, I have learnt how important golf is for the world of business. I use to play for my High School team a couple of centuries back, since then I have not even touched my clubs. I just went home over the weekend and picked up my clubs. I am going with a team mate of mine to the range tomorrow to see how rusty I really am.
I feel a bit strange playing golf when I have a load of HW to do and stuff to catch up on. Work load is not that hard but juggling corporate presentation, workshops and classes, gets a bit hectic. I am attending this minority business development forum at Cornell on the 15th, which should be interesting. Everything else seems to be working out ok.