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Monday, January 10, 2005

School again!

Oo baby Rochester is Cold… today was the 1st day of the school’s second quarter. Reflecting back I see that I am much wiser than I was 4 months ago and have a better plan for the next 3 months then I did for the provisos 4. This quarter is especially, 12 straight weeks of classes without a break. How will I survive?
I got a call telling me that I cant join my first choice employer. I had a second round interview for an internship at arguably the best bulge bracket Investment back on Friday. I was pretty hopeful but my dreams were totally crushed by the call today. I am waiting to hear back for a second round call from some other banks, but today was especially a devastating day. HOPEFULLY TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER…


  • Hey Pablo,

    Hi .....I have been waitlisted by simon.....(without an interview)...I am really keen to join Simon. Any tips on how to clear the waitlist and secure an admission.

    By Blogger medha, at 11:30 AM  

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