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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Operational Excellence?

Simon is a great school very well recognized faculty; one thing not that well recognized about Simon is its own operations. How can a business school that teaches about how great Wal-Mart is, through numerous HBS case studies, have such bad logistics? Some issues I have encountered and do not know how to rectify are:

  • The parking lot for MBA students is about ¾ of a mile away from the school. This has resulted in me getting more than 200$ worth of parking tickets. You say well there is not much Simon can do about that, well hold on; there is a parking lot right behind the school which is usually half full, but is only for administration of University of Rochester. When I was working the parking lot was about 5 minutes from the main entrance of the building; and maybe its just me, but making 28 years who have an average of 5 years of work experience, park in the “KIDDY” parking lot is a bit obscure!
  • The main reason for this entry is what happened today. I went to the Management Library looking for a book by Fabozzi. The management library is located in the main library of the University of Rochester, and funded by Simon. The book that I wanted was on a 2 hour reserve, and I was not allowed to take the book out. This was totally understandable, then I asked if it would be possible for the book to be ordered to the Simon School Career Center Library? I got a long winded speech about how many books there are and they couldn’t make exceptions. As I looked around the Management Library I did not see one MBA student, there were a lot of students there, but all from the undergraduate, now I ask if the books are there for me and 149 of my colleagues why can I not read the book on my own time?

My conclusion of this problem is that there was probably a big grant given to the school by a notable alumnus for the library and everyone forgot what the real purpose of the library was. This has also made me think about giving to the school and how one should allocate the money it gives to non profit organizations. I would surely be proud of myself if I was ever in the position to sponsor a library for a gifted set of Business students, but if the students were not able to use the resources, wouldn’t it be better to sponsor dying children in South Africa?


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