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Friday, May 06, 2005

Who Moved My Cheese?

Yesterday instead of reading Lou Gerstner’s book “Who Said Elephants can’t dance”, I read who moved my cheese and then thought of who I was in the book. I relate most to the speedy mouse, which is not a good thing. I am always ready to get up and go, up for anything and change doesn’t scare me. Does that mean I am risk neutral, and if so how is this going to play a role in the career of a portfolio manager? Well I am not a PM yet, but it is on the List of things to do! I am attending a lecture buy an alumni of Rochester University Edmund A. Hajim (UR ’58) Chairman & Chief Executive Officer a privately held firm, where the topic of discussion will be who moved my cheese. I am really curious how this is going to play out. I was probably not able to read enough between the lines, but I really want to know how this book can be so helpful to so many people.
One thing I found similar to Haw in the book is that I can laugh at myself, but I am 10000% more competitive then him. On a closing note there was a session on lean Six Sigma today about how it works and what it really is. The presenter in the lecture made a reference to the book by saying either you make things right where you are or you go somewhere else and read “Who moved my Cheese” to cheer yourself up!!!


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